Crane’s Mill Blog: Video

The First Color TV Was Manufactured 55 Years Ago Today!

March 25 … a colorful day in history! On this date in 1954, RCA manufactured the first color television set. The price? $1,000–about the same price as a Chevrolet! 55 years later, you can watch hundreds of channels, stream movies and series, and of course, watch our latest commercial … all in full color ūüôā …Read More »

Residents Dance the Night Away at Crane’s Mill

Looking to stay fit this season? Try dancing!¬†It’s a fantastic approach to keeping active during our snowy, bitter-cold northern New Jersey winters. Sometimes you just feel like dancing!¬†Crane’s Mill residents keep active with professional dance class plus multiple live musical performances each week in Hinman Hall, the community’s main theater. It’s a great way to keep yourself active and limber the whole year round. What’s more, live entertainment, dance class, and so many other programs are always a short, indoor walk from every Crane’s Mill apartment. With so much going on, maybe it’s time you asked to “cut in” and …Read More »

Meet Kathryn – A Crane’s Mill Resident

Kathryn’s love of family gatherings has thrived since moving to Crane’s Mill. Meet Kathryn, a Crane’s Mill resident with a large and close-knit family. Her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren visit her apartment, stay for dinner, and attend our fun family events including our Easter Egg Hunt and Holiday Horse & Buggy Celebration. …Read More »

Meet The Meekers – Crane’s Mill Cottage Residents

Tom and Joanne Meeker are a¬†dynamic couple with a fantastic and fun outlook on life. Meet The Meekers, who live in one of our exclusive cottage homes. They enjoy a wide variety of activities both in and out of campus. Learn more about them, and Crane’s Mill, in the video below: …Read More »

Meet Angelo – The Crane’s Mill Maintenance Manager

This video provides an¬†inside look at one of the dedicated staff members who make Crane’s Mill an exceptional place to live for its residents. Meet Angelo D’Angelo, the Crane’s Mill Maintenance Manager. Angelo makes sure the community is a safe, worry-free environment. Everything from small repairs to big fixes are handled with ease, and at no cost to our residents. …Read More »

Meet Estelle – A Crane’s Mill Cottage Resident

Enjoy a¬†look at a day in the life of a Crane’s Mill cottage resident in this fun video. Meet Estelle, a resident in one of our largest cottages, who enjoys everything Crane’s Mill has to offer while maintaining an active social life with friends outside the community. …Read More »