December 1, 2021

A Message to Our Crane’s Mill Community,

We are happy to report that we have no new cases of COVID-19.  Our employees and contracted team members have all been vaccinated and have been mandated to receive the Booster as recommended by the CDC.  We continue to wear masks throughout the community on all levels and we test our team members to assure that no one is positive for the COVID-19 virus.  These precautions have safeguarded our residents in skilled and assisted living as we have had no cases since the spring of 2020 when we had our initial outbreak.

We have mandated that all the approved Home Care Agencies and privately hired aides in Independent Living residences, are vaccinated and follow CDC and Department of Health guidelines for testing. These agencies have been advised of the mandate and assured us that their staff are vaccinated.  There is no way for us to validate outside agency staff since this is an agreement between the agency and resident.  We have mandated that they not only be vaccinated but that they provide us with notice when one of their staff are ill.  Therefore, we are reminding all residents in Independent Living that have hired private aides other than SpiriCare, to please make sure that you ask to see the vaccination card to validate that they have had the vaccine and that they have received a booster if eligible.  SpiriCare provides this information to Crane’s Mill and tests all of their staff under the same protocols as Crane’s Mill.  We also ask that you inform us if your Aide becomes Ill.  It is for all of your safety.

We are again reminding residents that safety measures in Independent Living of the following:

  • Masks are required for everyone—residents, staff, vendors, and visitors—while in public areas throughout campus.
  • Masks are required inside your apartment or cottage if an employee or vendor is present.
  • Visitors (including private aides) to Independent Living must continue to wear masks and complete the screening process at the concierge desk.


During this holiday season, we realize that you may be visiting friends and family outside of the community.

When doing so, please keep the following suggestions in mind:


  • Make sure others in your group are vaccinated
  • Wear a mask when gathering indoors, especially if you are in a large group or if there are people in attendance who are unvaccinated
  • Stay as distanced as possible while eating
  • Consider opening windows on warmer days to increase ventilation
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well, and avoid groups where others are unwell

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Marina Ferrer, MS, LNHA
VP and Executive Director

Please direct questions and concerns to me at (973) 276-3006.


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