November 23, 2020

A Message to Our Crane’s Mill Community,

We continue to perform testing on all our residents and staff in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living and have not identified anyone that is positive since May.

As reminders:

Our COVID-19 Resource Center on our website is updated regularly with the most accurate information, including the COVID-19 Resource Center and Frequently Asked Questions.

We have been informed by the Department of Health that they are reactivating the Executive Order that closed indoor visitation to Long Term Care Communities due to the high level of transmission in the local community.  Any scheduled visitation in the community will be restricted to those situations like compassionate care, end of life, etc.  All those involved in these scheduled visits have to be tested prior to entry.

We want to assure you that we continue to take a number of precautionary measures to help contain and control this highly contagious virus. The health and safety of you, our residents and staff is our primary focus and concern! We have adapted our policies and practices as the COVID-19 virus emerged and became very active in New Jersey.  The virus is still very active and most counties have seen an increase in cases in the last few weeks.  Essex, Bergen and Hudson counties have seen a significant increase in cases. We must remain vigilant in wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

With the approach of the holidays, we have begun receiving requests for information regarding resident leave of absences and outings.  The increase in positive cases in our local communities, along with the upcoming holidays, are a significant concern.  As discussed in our letter last week the Department of Health has recommended that residents in senior communities do NOT go out for the holidays due to the high risk and the rapid spread in the counties at this time.  We are asking that you continue to sacrifice for the safety of your loved one and our other residents and staff.

If you choose instead to have your loved one leave the community over the holidays, please remember that they must quarantine for at least fourteen (14) days in their living quarters.

We are also asking that you strongly consider rescheduling non-medical appointments or appointments for reasons not directly related to the resident’s medical treatment.   Those residents who are capable should always wear a mask when outside of the community, or when leaving their living quarters.  A resident is not able to wear a mask, they may be considered potentially exposed and placed in quarantine.

Here are some of the steps we started taking in early March and continue to take to help ensure the health and safety of residents and staff:

  • Using symptoms guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health, we screen all employees before they enter the community for their shifts. Staff members are assigned to only one division to ensure they do not cross between different areas of the community.
  • All Health Center residents with symptoms are tested for COVID-19 immediately and all Health Center residents are tested weekly.  We also test all staff weekly.
  • Any Health Center resident that does test positive or are presumed positive will be located in a specialized area of the skilled nursing separate from other residents.
  • All staff have been wearing protective masks in all areas of the community. Staff working with COVID-19 positive residents are in full PPE (Gown, N95 Mask, face shield, gloves)
  • All new admissions and readmissions are tested and quarantined for fourteen days and are treated as though they are under investigation for Covid-19.
  • All skilled and assisted living residents who are medically or physically able are provided a face mask to be used in the community and outside.
  • The dining areas have been closed, with meals delivered to residents.
  • In addition to our extra cleaning and sanitizing, we have been practicing “social distancing” to limit contact among residents and staff so that we know which staff member has had contact with a resident.
  • Health Center Essential Caregivers, Compassionate Care Visitors and End of Life visitors are permitted in the Health Center with specific restrictions.  The policy and application is located on the website and depending on the resident or facility status in regard to Covid-19, some requirements/restrictions may be applied.
  • We continue to restrict non-essential contractors and volunteers from entering the community.
  • We have also been monitoring every skilled and assisted living resident’s vital signs (temperature, BP and Pulse Ox).
  • Our policy regarding outbreaks is on our website.
  • Residents in skilled and assisted living should only leave the community for medically necessary trips and are provided with face masks for protection.
  • We continue to provide opportunities for face time for resident and family contact.

We are also very appreciative of those Independent Living residents who are continuing to follow guidelines by limiting personal interaction, restricting their time in common areas, and wearing face masks at all times when you are out of your living quarters.  We have hand sanitizing stations throughout the community and we ask that you continue to use these as these are the most effective in killing the virus and protecting each of you.

We again remind our Independent Living residents that when you open your door to your living quarters, or leave, you must have a face mask with both your nose and your mouth covered.  For our residents in Independent Living, we have opened the Café for pick-up of food and meals. The seating area in the lobby, café dining area and the dining room remains closed for your health and safety and we request your cooperation in not congregating in these areas.  We continue to provide meal delivery for those residents in Independent Living that order meals. The community continues to remain closed to entrance of general visitors and any visitor that comes to the campus must enter through the Town Square Main Lobby for screening.   No visitor should be in the lobby, Town Square or the Café.

I continue to conduct meetings in various formats for your safety and health and appreciate your participation in these meetings and calls.

Please direct questions and concerns to me at (973) 276-3006. If you need immediate assistance, please call the main number at 973-276-6700.

Thank you.

Marina Ferrer, MS, LNHA
VP and Executive Director