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Crane’s Mill Testimonials and Reviews

West Caldwell, New Jersey

I would like to thank everyone at the Crane’s Mill Health Center for the wonderful care I received as a sub-acute patient. I am an independent resident, and this is my second time at the Health Center.  If I were to give a grade to my stay, I would say ‘AAA,’ triple A!”

I was well taken care of by the nurses, the nursing assistants, and rehab. I also want to compliment the Housekeeping Department as my room was so clean and well kept. While I am happy to return to my independent living apartment, I am very pleased to report that we have a wonderful sub-acute area here at Crane’s Mill. Thank you everyone.

West Caldwell, New Jersey

Moving to Crane’s Mill 6 years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made , On a scale of 1 to 10 , the staff is a 10+, making every resident feel special. The activities on campus, including live music performances, lectures, movies, etc. are all provided free of charge.

There is a state of the art gym and pool. Whether it be yoga, strength and strength, balance and posture, aqua fitness, water therapy, or rock steady boxing for Parkinson, or if you need individual training…all are available, free of any additional charge, and taught by a certified trainer. Living here provides a stress free life style.

West Caldwell, New Jersey

My family cannot say enough positive things about the team at Crane’s Mill. They were very responsive to all of my parent’s needs which made for a welcoming and easy transition. Now that they are living there my parents are more active and social and are enjoying all the facilities. The staff and residents are all so friendly and caring. Moving to Crane’s Mill was the best decision my parents could have made.

Margo Adelsberg

My name is Margo Adelsberg and my Aunt Elaine Lieb lives at Crane’s Mill. I would like to relay my extreme thanks for helping my twelve year old son (and I) easily keep to our Passover Traditions while dining at Crane’s Mill last night.”]

I had called earlier in the day and spoke with Meredith at the front desk about Kosher Options available for us in the evening while we visited with my Aunt. She offered that the Chef would go shopping to purchase Kosher Meat and prepare it for us. I declined due to my son being a vegetarian, but was so appreciative of the offer. I then figured we would eat whatever we could while dining at Crane’s Mill and then come home and eat a full meal. I decided to bring a box of Matzoh that we could nibble on throughout dinner.

When we arrived to dine with my aunt, Sapna, came over and greeted us. I asked what options were a possibility to eat during dinner. I inquired about Matzoh Pizza. Sapna was so amazing that she took our box of Matzah to the kitchen and prepared Matzoh pizza for all of us. It was so delicious!

Big thanks to Meredith, Sapna and the chef for helping us feel comfortable and maintain our Passover traditions while at Crane’s Mill.

August M.
West Orange, New Jersey

I am a resident of West Orange, and recently needed to go to a sub-acute rehab facility. I selected Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell, and it was very beneficial for my recovery. I found that most of the people that I had contact with were very knowledgeable and helpful with their job responsibilities.”]

I would especially like to make note of Michael Maykish and his rehab staff on the way they helped me during my stay at Crane’s Mill. In the beginning, I was very apprehensive and insecure with respect to my rehabilitation progress. Michael spoke to me about Crane’s Mill and what his department was in charge of ensuring patients to perform their mobile functions properly. The discussion enabled me to feel much better about myself.

I would also like to mention some of the people I worked with whom I have very high respect for within the therapy group. These people were very knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and helpful. The therapists explained that after my discharge, it was necessary to continue exercising the routines they performed with me. The therapists I would like to mention are Sofia, Lisa, Jason, Nino, Terrill, and Lorie, all responsible, caring, outstanding professionals. Moreover, I would be remiss if I did not mention two employees that helped me recover more quickly from my illness–Pierre, my nursing assistant, and Chickee, one of the head nurses.

In closing, I would definitely recommend and advise others of the fulfilling experience. Thank you.

Marie M.
Formerly of Madison, now of West Caldwell, New Jersey

Earlier this year, my husband and I sold our home in Madison, New Jersey. We had been living there for nearly 50 years, and loved the vibrant community. The Borough of Madison is home to two colleges, a wonderful school system, and had its own symphony orchestra. We raised all five of our children in Madison, and, during that time, I was involved in many community organizations. In addition, while living in Madison, we enjoyed the beautiful parks, restaurants, and proximity to everything. Needless to say, leaving our home and moving to a retirement community should have been a difficult transition. Thanks to Crane’s Mill, it was not.”]

At the time, we were getting ready to relocate, my husband, George, needed sub-acute rehab along with some physical therapy. He temporarily went to the skilled nursing unit in Crane’s Mill to receive that care. I have to commend the entire staff for the wonderful care George received. The staff was caring, attentive, cheerful, and encouraging–they catered to his every whim!

Earlier this summer, he moved from the rehab area, and is now a resident in the assisted living area. He is doing very well. I have my own apartment in independent living, which is spacious and comfortable. George and I dine together, attend lectures, and participate in many programs. Both of us have all the amenities of home.

The residents at Crane’s Mill are welcoming, friendly, interesting, and very much engaged in living their lives to the fullest. The grounds are beautiful, and the community hosts many cultural events. Every week, there are art exhibitions, musical programs, and a variety of speakers who are experts in a wide range of subjects.

Moving to Crane’s Mill was the best decision we could have made.

Janet K.
West Caldwell, New Jersey

Ten years ago, my husband and I sold our home in Livingston, and moved to Crane’s Mill. At the time, we were getting ready to retire, and wanted to live in an active, vibrant senior community in the West Essex area. It’s been a wonderful experience.”]

Our independent apartment is spacious and comfortable, and we have all the amenities. Until this past December, I didn’t realize what an important role the Crane’s Mill Health Center would play in our lives here.

I had a complicated health issue during the holidays, and was hospitalized for an extended period of time. When I was discharged, I was too ill to return to our apartment, so I spent several months recuperating in the skilled nursing/subacute rehab area of the Crane’s Mill Health Center.

There, I received many kindnesses and good care by a great staff who encouraged me. I also was able to see my husband and my friends who visited me daily. I am very grateful that we had the foresight to move here 10 years ago.

Bill F.
Caldwell, New Jersey

As a resident of Caldwell, I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the health center staff at Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell. Earlier this year, I had to undergo several weeks of rehabilitation therapy, and I was so pleased that I selected Crane’s Mill. I found the entire staff to be outstanding, and provided wonderful care in a comforting, supportive environment.

My nurse was excellent, competent, and cheerful. I sincerely appreciated the entire staff in getting me “on the mend.” Again, thank you for everything.