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Did You Know? Crane’s Mill accepts direct admissions for Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, & Sub-Acute Rehab

The Health Center at Crane’s Mill provides top-notch care for both residents of Crane’s Mill and of the community at large. Crane’s Mill addresses the ever-changing needs of those desiring an active, independent lifestyle both today and tomorrow. Whether care is needed for a short term or as part of a comprehensive plan, residents and their loved ones can rest assured that Crane’s Mill will provide the care you need, when you need it. In the Health Center, residents find an array of different living accommodations to meet their specific needs. From Assisted Living and Memory Support to Skilled Nursing and …Read More »

Did You Know? Crane’s Mill Offers Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Services

Open to residents of the greater community beyond just residents of Crane’s Mill, sub-acute rehabilitation at Crane’s Mill is renowned as one of the best in Northern New Jersey. Yes, Crane’s Mill has wonderful independent living apartments and cottages and excellent care in its assisted living and skilled nursing areas. But did you know that Crane’s Mill offers sub-actue rehabilitation services? Our on-site rehabilitation area is not exclusive just to Crane’s Mill residents—it’s open to anyone looking for the best in rehab services. Picture this scenario: you or a loved one need to have a knee replacement surgery. You pick …Read More »

Did You Know? Crane’s Mill has a Dedicated Memory Support Unit.

Part of our Assisted Living Facility, our Memory Support Unit at Crane’s Mill is an important part of the continuum of care offered in our community. Many people are aware of the wonderful independent living area of Crane’s Mill, home to the well-appointed apartments and cottages, dining options, trips, live entertainment, and more. Plus, people are familiar with our skilled nursing and sub-acute rehab areas, which are open to Crane’s Mill residents and members of the greater community to help after a hospital stay or illness. What you may not know is that 18 of our 66 Assisted Living apartments …Read More »

Did You Know? Crane’s Mill Hosts Exercise Classes for its Residents 6 Days Each Week.

Crane’s Mill residents can walk from their independent apartments to a senior-focused exercise class—without even having to go outside! You may already know that Crane’s Mill has a state-of-the-art fitness center right in Towne Square. But you may not know that in addition there are a number of additional fun options for residents looking to stay in top shape. Crane’s Mill provides an array of exercise classes in right in Towne Square, so residents need not go outside to get to the best exercise classes around. A quick look at this month’s calendar shows senior-centric classes such as Stretch & …Read More »

Did You Know?

Crane’s Mill accepts direct admissions in our Skilled Nursing and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation departments. Our residents enjoy the comfort that comes from knowing if they have a surgery, illness, or other trip to the hospital, and are in need of rehab after, they come right home to Crane’s Mill and its exceptional rehabilitation department. However, many local residents may not know that you can enjoy that same excellent healthcare even if you are not a Crane’s Mill resident. We accept many direct admissions every month from local hospitals such as HackensackUMC Mountainside, Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and Morristown Medical Center, as well …Read More »

Introducing Tech Support with Savvy Students

A Free Service for Crane’s Mill Residents Did you know? Tech-savvy students from James Caldwell High School are now available on a weekly basis to provide our residents with assistance with their technology needs. The service is free, and open to all Crane’s Mill residents. To make use of the service, residents are asked to fill out a tech support request form, which are available on the table outside of the Activities office. Public computers in the library and lounges (located in Sycamore I & II and Creekside) can be reserved for tech support appointments. Students will make “service calls” …Read More »

Crane’s Mill FAQ

Everything you need to know about Northern New Jersey’s Premier Retirement Community on one easy-to-read page. Curious about Crane’s Mill? The best way to learn about us is to visit us in person—call us at 973-276-6700 or click here to send us an email to schedule an appointment. The second best way to learn about us is to view our Frequently Asked Questions page. There, you’ll find a list of all the services & amenities offered in the community, information about our apartments and cottages, an overview of our Health Center, our history, and our parent organization Lutheran Social Ministries …Read More »

January is National Thank You Month

After a season of giving and receiving, it’s nice to take a moment to say ‘thanks’ to our family and friends. At Crane’s Mill retirement community in Essex County, NJ, we have a lot to be thankful for. In January, notoriously known as the coldest of winter months here in New Jersey, it’s nice to know that it has been christened “National Thank You Month.” It’s curiously placed, as Thanksgiving is not too far in our rear-view-mirrors, but we do see its merit—the holidays were filled with the spoils of presents, meals, desserts, entertainment, and much more, so perhaps January …Read More »

A Look Inside the Crane’s Mill Library

Crane’s Mill Retirement Community in Essex County, New Jersey boasts a library stocked with periodicals, classics, technology and more! Recently, the Crane’s Mill Courier  blog covered the renovation of our Library and Gift Box. Located in Towne Square, both are completely run by our residents, and are popular spots for Crane’s Mill residents, their guests and staff members. Today, we’ll take a closer look inside our library. Why, you ask? Well, the Crane’s Mill Library is no run-of-the-“mill” collection of books in a room—it’s an artfully-designed collection of all sorts of reading material, periodicals and multimedia. Every day, residents enjoy copies …Read More »

Did You Know? Every Crane’s Mill Floor Plan is Available on Our Website

Crane’s Mill offers an array of independent living apartments and cottages—and every floor plan is available on the community’s website. Crane’s Mill has 18 different independent living apartments and cottages, ranging from 500 square feet all the way up to 1,735 square feet! That really is quite a range, so there truly is something for everyone. You can click here to view all of the apartments and cottages offered. Also included are 3-D floor plans, so you can begin to imagine your furniture in your new apartment or cottage home!   …Read More »