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A Look Inside the Crane’s Mill Library

Crane’s Mill Retirement Community in Essex County, New Jersey boasts a library stocked with periodicals, classics, technology and more!

A Look at the Crane's Mill Library

Recently, the Crane’s Mill Courier  blog covered the renovation of our Library and Gift Box. Located in Towne Square, both are completely run by our residents, and are popular spots for Crane’s Mill residents, their guests and staff members.

Today, we’ll take a closer look inside our library. Why, you ask? Well, the Crane’s Mill Library is no run-of-the-“mill” collection of books in a room—it’s an artfully-designed collection of all sorts of reading material, periodicals and multimedia.

A wide shot of the library

Every day, residents enjoy copies of the Star Ledger and New York Times delivered directly to the library. Since the library is located right in Towne Square, we frequently see folks grab a quick breakfast friends, then enjoy a trip to the library to get caught up on the day’s news. Residents also enjoy magazine subscriptions, with favorites that include Time, the New Yorker, AARP, and National Geographic.

Two brand-new large screen computers were recently installed, so staying up-to-date on email, social media, and news throughout the day is always just a click away.

The Telesensory Machine

Plus, there’s a Telesensory machine for the vision-impaired. The special desktop machine magnifies type up to 50 times its original size, so books, newspapers, magazines and more can be read with ease. Additionally, there is a dedicated section of large print books.

Speaking of books…there are plenty to choose from! Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, reference, and more line the wood shelves from top to bottom. We hear resident favorites include suspenseful fiction and historical biographies, as is evident by the rich collection of each.

Curl up with a good book in one of the seating areas.

On top of reading, the library serves as a social gathering place. For instance, the Crane’s Mill Book Club meets there each month to discuss their latest literary adventures, and frequently there are lectures and learning sessions that also take place right inside.

Next time you’re at Crane’s Mill, be sure to swing by the library to see what’s new. We look forward to meeting you!