Crane’s Mill Provides It’s Never 2 Late ® (iN2L) Program to Residents

Chad Murin, Executive Director, shows off the program’s “travel” feature.

(West Caldwell, NJ) – Crane’s Mill is excited to announce that it will now provide residents with access to the It’s Never 2 Late ® (iN2L) Program. The user-friendly, software platform has a picture-based, touch screen interface that easily allows residents to navigate their way through interactive, educational, spiritual, and individualized content that is tailored to each of their own interests and skill-level. The program has been installed in the Memory Support neighborhood and will be available for all residents to utilize and enjoy.

“Crane’s Mill is pleased to officially provide residents with this intuitive, state-of-the-art software system. I am truly looking forward to the many benefits this program will offer our residents throughout the community and especially those in our memory care neighborhood,” expressed Crane’s Mill executive director, Chad Murin. “My hope is that with the use of iN2L, our residents with memory support needs will become more engaged and find enjoyment in the activities and therapy exercises that the software offers.”

The program engages residents on all levels of care in mind-stimulating activities. Residents can drive a car, fly an airplane, cycle through a park or travel to foreign countries through a simulator. From group trivia games and puzzles, to inspirational videos and a substantial digital library filled with music and movies, there is something for every resident to enjoy.

“We are so excited to implement this program to better meet the needs of our residents on all levels of care and to enrich their everyday life with unique, exciting programs and stimulating activity” explained Colleen Frankenfield, President and CEO of Lutheran Social Ministries of NJ.

With a 72-inch touch screen console and several handheld tablets, residents can enjoy iN2L individually or in a group setting, and have access to the program 24 hours a day. Moreover, the system provides an easy-to-use Skype interface to connect with faraway family and friends, an example of the program’s focus on interactivity and communication—traits that prove especially beneficial to those with memory care needs.

The benefits of It’s Never 2 Late ® (iN2L) are endless and should make a positive impact on Crane’s Mill residents for years to come. For more information, visitwww.in2l.com.