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A Quick Look at Creekside in the Evening

There are brand-new independent senior living apartments at Crane’s Mill—the building is called Creekside, and it looks good any time of day (or night).

Is it just us, or does it take a few days to adjust after the end of daylight savings time? Although it’s dark out early, and we’re still growing accustomed to our commutes home with our headlights switched “on,” there is something to be said for the beauty of the late fall night sky as we begin our evenings.

On a crisp, clear night, the dark blues can paint the sky in a gradient, blending from a royal blue to a deep indigo. It’s a magical time when the sun is just lying down for its nightly rest, and the moon is on the rise, readying itself for duty to light the path home to our families.

Sure, we’ve only a short window of sunshine each day and our noses are nipped with cold, but perhaps this colorful bit of magnificence is nature’s way of reminding us that the promise of a joyous holiday season is just around the corner.

We snapped a quick pic on such a night earlier this week:

The Creekside building at Crane's Mill in the evening