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The Polar Express: A Look at our Residents’ Very Special Holiday Train Display

Crane’s Mill residents concoct, conduct lovely locomotives.

Crane’s Mill is a special community in large part because of its residents. Many come from Northern New Jersey and beyond, bringing their individual backgrounds and traditions to our lovely community. The holidays are a great example of many different residents coming together and celebrating, embracing their traditions and making new ones along the way. Here’s a great example of a wonderful Crane’s Mill tradition:

Tucked away in a corner of the Sycamore II building at Crane’s Mill is a magical train set created by a group of our most passionate and imaginative residents. Small in scale and big on creativity, this tiny town features a number of engines, box cars and a caboose or two. The tracks wind around many detailed buildings while rolling hills and life-like trees line the landscape.

We were lucky enough to be privy to its location, and are happy to share some photos with you below. Enjoy!