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Residents Celebrate Mardi Gras in Usual Upscale Style

Seniors living at Crane’s Mill enjoyed traditional Mardi Gras favorites, live music, and the company of fellow residents at their annual Mardi Gras party.

One Tuesday, March 5, residents flocked to Hinman Hall for their annual Mardi Gras party. Live music filled the air through the great room’s newly-renovated sound system. Attendees even received strings of purple, gold, and green beads to mark the occasion.

Nicole Smith, director of community programming, provided the details on the affair: “The food includes beignets, hush puppies, and Cajun shrimp. They are all typical Fat Tuesday, and Crane’s Mill resident, favorites.”

All in all, it was a festive afternoon, and only one of over 200 planned programs, parties, and outings planned each and every month. Be sure to check out the images below, and learn more about our monthly programs in our Millstream Calendar.