Roseland Resident Thanks Crane’s Mill

We recently received this letter from a Health Center resident and her husband, and are proud to share it with our readers.

In late 2015, my wife, Diane, was hospitalized in a New York hospital. As her hospital stay ended, it was determined that she would need physical therapy, occupational therapy, and additional medical support before she would be able to return to our home in Roseland.

We were given a list of at least 15 facilities that would accept our Medicare and Supplemental insurance. The decision was a difficult one, as all of the facilities had a website and listed all of the services that would be available to us if we chose their facility.

Luckily for us, we chose Crane’s Mill, it was close to our home, and beyond that it turned out that it was a truly professional facility. Upon our arrival (on a stretcher by ambulance), Diane was taken to a clean, comfortable room, and made to feel at home immediately.

In her first hours there, she was given a physical therapy evaluation, met the charge nurse who had a list of all of her medications, and shown the call button if she needed help or more information. Our experience was that we never had call for a nurse twice. We were pleased to learn that the medical director has been with Crane’s Mill since its creation about 18 years ago. When Diane needed medical care, Dr. (Pradip) Shah was in contact with our cardiologist, and they conferred, and he made himself available to both Diane and myself.

Diane met with the physical therapy and occupational therapy teams, and she was very comfortable in working with any of the therapists, as they were well versed on her complicated condition.

We found that every employee that we met at Crane’s Mill was helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and caring, whether they were the medical director, charge nurse, staff nurse, therapist aide or food service worker.

I do not hesitate to recommend Crane’s Mill to anyone who is in need of rehabilitation services.

Ron and Diane A.
Roseland, New Jersey