Residents Take Birding Tour with Essex County Environmental Center Guide

Essex County Environmental Center Naturalist Helps Residents See Wildlife in Their Own Backyard

Crane’s Mill residents enjoyed a guided birding tour of their very own campus, led by Heather Amendolara, Naturalist/Educator from the Essex County Environmental Center.

Ms. Amendolara brought a useful array of tools to help the group get started, including binoculars and field guides to help identify the fine feathered friends flitting about campus. The group ventured around the south and west areas of campus, culminating with some time at the pond, which proves to be a hotbed of spring activity.

Some of the birds commonly seen on campus include goldfinches, tree swallows, blue jays, robins, and cardinals, and there’s even a great blue heron who calls our pond his home. Also on the banks of the pond, a Canadian goose family is about to get its start. We hope to have photos of the goslings as soon as they appear!