Family Letter of Thanks and Gifts For Our Residents

Kristin Paterson was kind enough to take time during the COVID-19 crisis to send this letter of thanks and send beautiful photo cards for our residents to enjoy.

“First, thank you for the work that you are doing to continue to care for Crane’s Mill residents during this very difficult time. I have no doubt that this is a very stressful and emotional time for you and your staff.

As granddaughter of one of your Assisted Living residents, (name removed to preserve patient privacy), I have been trying to think of a way to provide some measure of hope and connection to the Assisted Living residents’ isolating days. I hope you will accept these photo cards as small tokens to share with your residents. There are approximately 165 cards, each in its own plastic bag, of different nature photographs I have taken over time. Ideally, if they could be distributed to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents first, I imagine they are the most isolated and at-risk folks. I’m not sure of your numbers, but beyond those groups please share them either with members of your staff and/or Independent Living residents.

Of course if this is not feasible either due to your protocols or due to staffing limitations, I completely understand and hope that they might be saved for a future time to be distributed as you see fit.

I grew up in Caldwell and West Caldwell and graduated from JCHS before moving out of state, but I still consider NJ to be my home. Over the years Crane’s Mill has been a safe a caring community for my Grandmother and I am very grateful for the services she has received there. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your staff members as you continue in the days ahead.”

With sincere appreciation,
Kristin Paterson