Crane’s Mill Residents Show Support for the Class of 2020

In times of uncertainty it can be hard to see hope or positivity. Throughout the state and country many graduations have been cancelled or made to be in an online forum. This is difficult for these graduates who are taking a big step into a quickly changing world.

The residents at Crane’s Mill, a continuing care retirement community, located in West Caldwell, NJ wanted to share some of their words of wisdom to help show that there is much to look forward too, and things will not always be this way. As one resident perfectly said, “The world is changed forever. Take advantage of the new opportunities.”

The decades of knowledge and experiences the Crane’s Mill residents have acquired are invaluable. They lived through some of the most uncertain times in our country’s history; The Great Depression, The Cold War, Vietnam, and the September 11thattacks. The residents are still here, and during all those difficult times in our history they lived it all while raising families, serving their country, and having careers.

“A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins. We learned this at home and in our schools, along with life’s lessons and experiences. This leads to when the going gets tough, the tough gets going … so keep going!” – Crane’s Mill Resident and retired Teacher & Coach.

So from our Seniors to our local graduating Seniors, congratulations! Check out the gallery below for more: