COVID Vaccinations at Crane’s Mill

More than 400 residents and staff members received COVID-19 Vaccinations

One year ago, the country saw its first case of COVID-19 arrive on its shores. 52 weeks later, Crane’s Mill residents and staff were among the first recipients of an efficacious vaccine.

In partnership with CVS Pharmacy, Crane’s Mill brought vaccination clinics directly to the community during the week of January 10. Residents at all levels of care, including skilled nursing, assisted living, and independent living, along with direct care and support staff, had the opportunity to receive their first dose of the much-anticipated vaccine.

In all, more than 400 people, including 98% of residents, chose to receive their vaccination. “We, along with the rest of the Crane’s Mill population, are extremely grateful for all your work to help protect us and to get us closer to returning back to a more normal life,” said one Crane’s Mill couple.

Residents have remained COVID-free since May, due in large part to the hard work and sacrifices of the community’s staff.

“We are grateful to our team members and residents who have religiously followed strict protocols and sacrificed holiday gatherings and time with family to assure our that our community remained COVID-free,” said Marina Ferrer, Vice President & Executive Director of Crane’s Mill. “We were fortunate that we were able to obtain sufficient PPE early on, and were completely prepared when the virus hit northern New Jersey.”

Clinics at the community resume in three weeks, when recipients will complete the two-part vaccine series.