Young nurse and senior woman going through medical records.

Healthcare Services : Resident Care Services

Physicians, Specialists, Urgent Care, and Home Care Are All Available to Crane’s Mill Residents

Residents have an array of options available to them if they are not feeling well or need assistance. Depending on the type and scope of their need, they can reach out to the providers outlined below:

If a residents needs help with:Please contact:
• Prescriptions
• Diagnosis
• Treatment
• Wound Care
• Order Labs
• Home Visits
• Sugar Levels (using resident’s testing machine)
• Blood Pressure
• Pacemaker Checks
Nurse Practitioner
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Respiratory Infections
• Pneumonia
• COPD Exacerbation
• Skin Infections
• Diarrhea
• Dehydration
• CHF Exacerbation
• COVID-19
• X-Ray
Dispatch Health
• Bathing, Showering, Grooming, Hygiene
• Meal Prep and Delivery Service
• Light Housekeeping
• Laundry Services, Ironing, and Changing Bed Linen
• Errand Services, Grocery Shopping, and Accompanying to Medical Appointments
• Conversation and Companionship
• Live-In Companionship
SpiriCare at Home
(Contractual Arrangement)
• Chest Pain
• Severe Bleeding
• Head Injuries
• Shortness of Breath
Dial 911

Resident Wellness Chart – Printable Version
Dispatch Health Services List

Consultations with physicians, nurse practitioners, and urgent care providers remain as separate billable services for residents. This helps maintain each resident’s freedom to choose their own provider.