Crane’s Mill Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center : Resident Programming and Services

Resident Programming and Services

At Crane’s Mill we have altered the way we are providing resident activities, delivering meals, and connecting with families.

Due to social distancing, we are keeping residents in their individual rooms in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living, and in Independent Living we have asked all residents to remain in their apartments, cottages, or rooms, and to avoid direct physical contact with neighbors. If they must leave home, we recommend wearing a mask and following consistent handwashing and disinfecting of surfaces. To that end, we have initiated alternative ways of delivering engaging activities to our residents.

Activities and Programming

All group activities have changed for the time being. We are offering outdoor exercise classes, outdoor entertainment, and exercise, lectures, and discussions via Zoom and telephone conference.

We have partnered with Felician University faculty and students to offer a Pen Pals program. For residents interested in participating, Felician volunteers are reaching out via FaceTime and email, and sharing short stories, poems, and daily Lent scriptures. They have also shared their campus radio show with our residents. In addition, our activities team has been lending iPads to residents to engage with games through apps and FaceTime with family members.

Our Chaplain, Pastor Nancy Truscott, is on-site daily to help residents during these trying times. Pastor Nancy provides counseling, bible study, rosary, and other religious services, and helps residents find spiritual and religious resources, including finding streaming church services.


We closed the Candleberry Dining room and the Café for sit down service to eliminate group dining and reduce contact that residents have with one another. We continue to provide our independent living residents with meals via delivery, in 1 delivery per day. Delivery takes place between 4:00 – 6:30 p.m. and we drop off a hot dinner meal for that evening, and a cold continental breakfast and boxed lunch for the following day. Residents receive their weekly menu and staff will call each resident daily to take their order. Residents can place orders for the entire week if they choose.

Communicating with Families

Visitation is available on a limited basis, and takes place outdoors. Please call 973-276-6700 or email cranesmill@lsmnj.org to schedule a visit. We also encourage you to communicate with residents in other ways such as the telephone, video chat, e-mail, or social media.

We have a limited number of devices that can assist our residents and have encouraged them to use the devices to FaceTime and connect with families. We have also had an outpouring of volunteers who write letters and call our residents who might not have family or friends to speak with.

Mail, Deliveries, and Garbage Pickup

  • Packages and Prescriptions are delivered daily. They are wiped down with bleach wipes. All staff have on gloves and face masks when delivering them to residents. We leave packages at the door and then ring the doorbell to limit face-to-face interactions.
  • Mail Delivery: We let mail sit for 24 hours and deliver it to residents’ doors twice a week. Our staff wear gloves and face masks when making the deliveries. They leave the mail at residents’ doors and then ring the doorbell to limit face-to-face interactions.
  • Garbage Pickup: We pick up garbage daily by 10 a.m. We ask residents to put their trash out in the morning and not to leave it out overnight.


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