Community Updates Blog: Rehabilitation

West Orange Resident Thankful for Care Received at Crane’s Mill

Crane’s Mill is open to members of the outside community for direct admission into our sub-acute rehabilitation unit. To read more letters from residents and family members, visit our Meet the Residents Page “I am a resident of West Orange, and recently needed to go to a sub-acute rehab facility. I selected Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell, and it was very beneficial for my recovery. I found that most of the people that I had contact with were very knowledgeable and helpful with their job responsibilities. I would especially like to make note of Michael Maykish and his rehab staff …Read More »

Lyndhurst Resident Recommends Crane’s Mill Rehab

Here is a letter we received reviewing the sub-acute rehabilitation care at Crane’s Mill. For more testimonials, please visit the Crane’s Mill Reviews page. “I am a resident of Lyndhurst, and needed to have short-term rehab care after a hospital stay. My daughter lives in the Caldwell area, so I came to the Crane’s Mill Health Center in West Caldwell. I arrived at Crane’s Mill in late October, and when I left earlier this month, I felt like I was leaving family. The staff was very kind and friendly, and I have to say that they really “bent over backwards” …Read More »

Senior Living Options at Crane’s Mill—What’s Right for You?

As a true Continuing Care Retirement Community, Crane’s Mill offers residents a variety of senior living options. Here are some links to help you navigate your retirement future. Independent Retirement Living or Assisted Living—What are the Differences and Which is Right for You? Curious about Crane’s Mill Cottages? Did You Know? Crane’s Mill has a Dedicated Memory Support Unit. Skilled Nursing and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation: Crane’s Mill Accepts Direct Admissions. To learn more about any or all of our senior living options, call 973-276-6700 or simply click here to send us an email.   …Read More »

Resident Grateful for Care Received at Crane’s Mill

Crane’s Mill resident expresses gratitude for the care received while in rehabilitation after an illness. A long-time Crane’s Mill resident wrote a letter to the editor of The Progress about the care received in our Health Center. Crane’s Mill helped him recover from his illness, and he’s back on his feet in independent living—what a phenomenal story! It shows just one example of many stories happening every day in our community. Click here to read the article on The Progress website. Plus, be sure to read our Crane’s Mill Reviews page, where you’ll find many more letters, emails, and testimonials …Read More »

Crane’s Mill Offers Direct Admissions for Skilled Nursing & Sub-Acute Rehab

Make an informed decision about your health. Sometimes staying healthy as we age can be a challenge. We all have setbacks, some are minor and some are more complex. We take the time to choose the best doctors, hospitals and caregivers to ensure that we can remain healthy and active as we age. As a senior, it is important to know all of your options. One options that you might not know is that Crane’s Mill accepts direct admissions into its Health Center for skilled nursing and sub-acute rehabilitation. The Health Center at Crane’s Mill is truly exceptional—from it’s caring …Read More »

Happy to Have Moved to Crane’s Mill

We are happy to share this wonderful letter-to-the-editor of The Progress from one of our residents. The letter discusses the importance of having a licensed Skilled Nursing/Sub-acute rehab area on the Crane’s Mill Campus. EDITOR: Ten years ago, my husband and I sold our home in Livingston, and moved to Crane’s Mill. At the time, we were getting ready to retire, and wanted to live in an active, vibrant senior community in the West Essex area. It’s been a wonderful experience. Our independent apartment is spacious and comfortable, and we have all the amenities. Until this past December, I didn’t …Read More »

Crane’s Mill Health Center ‘In The News’

We were so excited to open last week’s Progress newspaper to find a brief letter to the editor about the Crane’s Mill Health Center. You can read the letter online here. This is just one of many examples of the excellent care provided professionals in our Sub Acute Rehab and Skilled Nursing areas. Trained to work specifically with seniors, the Crane’s Mill Health Center team has become known throughout the area as both skilled and compassionate. As a Crane’s Mill independent living resident, you have access to the great care in the Health Center. To learn more, please call us …Read More »

Crane’s Mill Rehabilitative Care ‘In The News’

We were so excited when we read this week’s edition of The Progress, one of our fine local newspapers, and found a letter to the editor from Caldwell resident Mr. Bill Farrar. In the letter, Mr. Farrar thanks the staff at the Crane’s Mill Health Center for their care and support—a truly wonderful review for the rehabilitation services at Crane’s Mill. Mr. Farrar, like many in our area, was faced with a decision about where to do his needed rehabilitative care and chose Crane’s Mill. The staff in our Health Center is truly outstanding, and more and more people from …Read More »