Community Updates Blog: Continuing Care

Crane’s Mill Rehabilitative Care ‘In The News’

We were so excited when we read this week’s edition of The Progress, one of our fine local newspapers, and found a letter to the editor from Caldwell resident Mr. Bill Farrar. In the letter, Mr. Farrar thanks the staff at the Crane’s Mill Health Center for their care and support—a truly wonderful review for the rehabilitation services at Crane’s Mill. Mr. Farrar, like many in our area, was faced with a decision about where to do his needed rehabilitative care and chose Crane’s Mill. The staff in our Health Center is truly outstanding, and more and more people from …Read More »

Bingo! Assisted Living Residents at Crane’s Mill Enjoy an Afternoon Game

Crane’s Mill is known throughout Northern New Jersey as a destination for senior living. In addition to luxury independent apartments and cottages, residents enjoy the benefits of living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community. As a person’s needs change, one need not worry about moving—we have an on-site Health Center that includes Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing facilities. Our on-site Assisted Living facility features 3 meals daily and assistance with a wide range of activities of daily living to ensure a safe, comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. Best of all, our recreation staff organizes many different types of daily activities for …Read More »

Beating the Heat: Staying Cool on a Hot Summer Day

Temperatures today and tomorrow are expected to reach the upper 90s, and wouldn’t you know, a glance at the calendar confirms that today is the first official day of summer. It’s going to be dangerously hot out there, so our friends at The Jersey Tomato Press have shared some useful tips on avoiding heat stroke and heat exhaustion. How do Crane’s Mill residents beat the heat? Some residents are known for their early morning outdoor exercises. Today, more residents smartly gravitated toward the daily morning indoor exercise class. Offered every day of the week, morning exercise includes resident favorites such as …Read More »

Emergency Pendants Provide a Sense of Security for Independent Residents

We talk a lot about the wide array services and amenities at Crane’s Mill. We even go as far as calling Crane’s Mill “Northern New Jersey’s premier retirement community.” Certainly there are lots of options for active, independent seniors, so we find it important to explain that it’s more than just beautiful apartments and wonderful amenities that draw people to become Crane’s Mill residents. Upon move-in, each independent resident is given an emergency pendant that can be pressed at any time to alert our staff that something isn’t right. Perhaps you’ve taken an unexpected fall or you’re just not feeling …Read More »

Continuing Care

Crane’s Mill is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or CCRC for short, so in addition to luxury apartment and cottage living, the community offers residents access to The Health Center. The Health Center at Crane’s Mill includes Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation. So, as a resident’s needs change, a CCRC like Crane’s Mill is able to provide the care they need without having to leave the community they call home. In the coming weeks, we’ll further explore each area of the Health Center at Crane’s Mill, including the services, amenities and people that make it one of the area’s …Read More »