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Say Goodbye to Stairs

The perfect retirement community means different things to different people. Some may look for peace and quiet while others want activities and excitement. In our experience, there’s one simple, universal requirement that the homebodies and around-towners have in common: “no more stairs!”

Many people’s homes have the bedroom and bath upstairs, the kitchen downstairs and laundry all the way in the basement. Truth be told, that’s not an ideal setting for anyone, let alone an older adult.

At Crane’s Mill, we’re as much about safety and security as we are luxury and lavishness. Every one of our apartments and cottages are single level homes. Yet living space ranges from 500 square foot studios all the way up to 1700 square feet in our largest cottages. That provides our residents the flexibility to have the large living space they desire without the need to trudge up and down steps.

If you are ready to take a look at our well-appointed, stair-free homes, you can visit our special anniversary open house on August 1st. We would love to show you around!