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Letter From A Resident—An Angel Without Wings

The following is a letter from an independent living resident at Crane’s Mill to Beth Sparling, our Executive Director, about our Hospital Liaison Barbara Davey.

Dear Beth,

Do you know that Crane’s Mill has an angel with no wings? (No doubt many) But that doesn’t hinder her one bit. She flies from one building to another and from one room to another. Believe it or not, I’ve seen her with my own eyes! Her name is Barbara Davey.

When very unexpectedly and suddenly, I was recently admitted to the hospital, this wonderful angel appeared in my room for a visit of support and encouragement. It was so nice to see her and to know that somebody from “home” came to learn how I was.

Crane’s Mill had thoughtful foresight to create the hospital liaison position and then hire such a lovely and caring person. I am fortunate to have a loving and concerned husband and have young family members nearby. That’s why we moved here from Ohio. I can only imagine how Crane’s Mill hospital patients with no family support, perhaps very ill and in pain, perhaps confused and scared, must feel when Barbara enters their rooms to give encouragement and a friendly smile in their time of need. I hopefully speak for them, that they must also feel that she’s an angel without wings. She is another important reason why my husband and I fortunate to be Crane’s Mill residents. Thank the good Lord for Barbara Davey!