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Emergency Pendants Provide a Sense of Security for Independent Residents

We talk a lot about the wide array services and amenities at Crane’s Mill. We even go as far as calling Crane’s Mill “Northern New Jersey’s premier retirement community.” Certainly there are lots of options for active, independent seniors, so we find it important to explain that it’s more than just beautiful apartments and wonderful amenities that draw people to become Crane’s Mill residents.

Upon move-in, each independent resident is given an emergency pendant that can be pressed at any time to alert our staff that something isn’t right. Perhaps you’ve taken an unexpected fall or you’re just not feeling well.

This is just one advantage of living in a Continuing Care Retirement Community such as Crane’s Mill—you have the privacy, independence and luxury you’ve earned with easy access to expert care should you ever need. Now that’s more than just a competitive advantage or marketing language. It’s security, peace of mind and a smart step towards adding a level of certainty to an uncertain future.