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Crane’s Mill Residents not Missing a Beat Despite One Foot of Snow from Winter Storm Nemo

At Crane’s Mill, our residents have seen their share of New Jersey winter weather.

We’ve covered how Crane’s Mill makes snowfall seem like sunshine for our residents—all the wonderful services and amenities of Towne Square are connected to every apartment. So, food shopping at the Corner Market, lunch at the Heartwood Cafe, Dinner at the Candleberry, exercise in the gym and a dip in the pool are all a short, indoor walk from your front door.

Plus, that snow-covered car you’ve been dreading cleaning off? Our maintenance team cleans off your car, shovels your space, puts your car back into its space. (Editor’s note: The team is out there shoveling and scraping as I write this article.)

Please enjoy the snowy sights of the Crane’s Mill campus. First, a lovely shot of Creekside, our community’s newest addition. Then, take a look at what is perhaps our oldest feature, the pond on the west side of our campus. Finally, some fun shots from inside our greenhouse. The plants on the outside must be “green” with envy of the blooming flowers just inches from their snowy leaves.

Remember to click on each photo to view a larger version: