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Crane’s Mill Offers Direct Admissions for Skilled Nursing & Sub-Acute Rehab

Make an informed decision about your health.

The Health Center at Crane's Mill has a caring staff and a fun calendar of activities for its residents.

Sometimes staying healthy as we age can be a challenge. We all have setbacks, some are minor and some are more complex. We take the time to choose the best doctors, hospitals and caregivers to ensure that we can remain healthy and active as we age.

As a senior, it is important to know all of your options. One options that you might not know is that Crane’s Mill accepts direct admissions into its Health Center for skilled nursing and sub-acute rehabilitation.

The Health Center at Crane’s Mill is truly exceptional—from it’s caring staff to it’s patient-focused environment, its main goal is to get you back to being independent.

Visit the Sub-Acute Rehabilitation page on the Crane’s Mill website for more information on our services.