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Visit Crane’s Mill for our Resident Roundtable

Join actual Crane’s Mill residents for a roundtable discussion about life at Northern New Jersey’s Premier Retirement Community

Crane's Mill residents relaxing in Towne Square.

When choosing a retirement community, research is of the utmost importance. From visiting online searches and testimonials to touring communities and sampling the food, the research process can prove informative, fun, and sometimes, exhausting.

We also suggest to home-seekers to take some time to get to know the community’s residents. After all, these will be your future neighbors, friends, travel mates, and more.

At Crane’s Mill, we decided to make sure our visitors have a chance to meet a group of our residents at our upcoming Resident Roundtable event. The program will include a small panel of our residents ranging from brand-new movers to longer term dwellers, and a few others in between. Each of them has a different story to tell, and this will be your chance to ask questions and find out more about what life at Crane’s Mill is truly like.

Resident Roundtable
Wednesday, September 10
2:00 p.m.
Candleberry Dining Room at Crane’s Mill 

To be part of the event, call 973-276-3070 or click here to send an email.