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Snow Covered Car? Let Crane’s Mill do the Heavy Lifting!

Did you know that Crane’s Mill residents enjoy the luxury of never having to shovel, scrape, or brush ever again?

You've spent enough winters cleaning snow off your car.

Each winter, our maintenance department and dedicated landscaping team are on stand-by at the first sign of a snowfall. For residents who park outside (there is garage parking available in Creekside and our cottages), our staff cleans off the resident’s car, cleans out the parking space, and puts the car back in the spot, ready for it’s next outing to the grandkids house or holiday shopping trip.

This is just one of many winter season services provided by our team to our residents. Perhaps best of all, these services are 100% included in our residents’ monthly maintenance fees.

Ready to learn more about how Crane’s Mill keeps its residents safe, active, and healthy all year long? Click here to send us an email or call 973-276-3001—we look forward to hearing from you!