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Retirement Living 101: What Questions Should You Ask When Visiting A Retirement Community?

Are you researching and visiting retirement communities throughout New Jersey?

Make an informed decision about your retirement by asking the right questions:

  1. How convenient is the location? What’s around the community?
  2. Is the community a true Continuing Care Retirement Community with a licensed Skilled Nursing Unit?
  3. What types of contracts and financial options are available?
  4. Does the community offer a Lifecare option?
  5. What is the financial stability of the organization?
  6. Ask for a disclosure statement showing the community’s financial statements for the last 5 years. How much have fees increased?
  7. Is the community all-inclusive or are there ancillary charges for certain services & amenities? Check the fine print.
  8. Is the community prepared to serve its residents in case of an emergency? For example, during a hurricane?

Truly independent living comes from the confidence of knowing you made the best choice for your retirement.

Call CRANE’S MILL at 973-276-3001 to schedule a tour or click here to get in touch. We encourage you to ask us your questions.

A Crane's Mill resident enjoying dinner.

A Crane’s Mill resident enjoying dinner.