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Family Thankful for Father’s Care

We are proud to share this letter we recently received from a resident’s family.

Our father passed away in his sleep at age 84 on Dec. 27. He was a resident at the Crane’s Mill Health Center, and while we are all sad at his passing, we are happy that he was well cared for, had minimal pain, and has joined our mother.

We, his children, very much appreciated the care and love the Crane’s Mill staff showed toward our father. Everyone, including the social worker staff, the skilled nurses, and the doctors were especially kind to our father during his residence at Crane’s Mill for the months of November and December.

Physician Assistant Patel and many of the excellent nurses come to mind, but frankly, there are so many who deserve our thanks and gratitude.

We know that our Dad liked residing at Crane’s Mill very much, and was appreciative of the care. Please know that all of you have our genuine and sincere thanks, and we are grateful to everyone who was involved in making him feel warm, comfortable and at rest.

Fairfield, New Jersey