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Crane’s Mill Wayback Machine: November 10, 1964–50 Years Ago Today

Today we’re cranking up the Wayback Machine, heading all the way back to November 10, 1964–50 years ago today—for a look at the number one song, movie, and more!

Motown Sound: The number one song this week in 1964 was the Motown hit “Baby Love” by The Supremes. The song was the group’s second of 12 number one hits. We recently gave it a listen, and it holds up to this day.

The King on Film: In movies, Roustabout starring Elvis Presley was just about to be released, and would spend four weeks as number one at the box office. Presley starred opposite the sensational Barbara Stanwyck.

Out West: On television, viewers were glued to the screen for Bonanza, the number one television program of the time. 50 years ago today, folks couldn’t get enough of this weekly Western which followed the adventures of the Cartwrights on their Ponderosa ranch.

How well do you remember your pop culture history? Let us know your favorites in the world of music, film, TV, and more! Click here to send us an email—we might use your suggestions in a future edition of the Crane’s Mill Courier Wayback Machine!