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Crane’s Mill Staff Members Unite to Face Winter Storm Juno

The West Caldwell, New Jersey Retirement Community prepares, bands together to ensure resident safety.

A look at the Crane's Mill apartments in the snow.

Forecasters predicted winter storm Juno would produce blizzard conditions—including harsh winds and large amounts of loose, powdery snow—across most of New Jersey.

Over 40 Crane’s Mill staff members from departments including nursing, maintenance, dining, housekeeping, and administration packed their bags and stayed overnight in order to serve our residents. This proactive strategy was executed to ensure a strong staff presence during this time of need and uncertainty.

Luckily, the storm tracked further to the east than forecasted, and West Caldwell only reported an 8-inch accumulation when all was said and done. But Juno would have been no match for the dedicated Crane’s Mill employees.

“Preparedness and dedication are key, and we have an abundance of both,” explained Beth Sparling, Vice President and Executive Director for Crane’s Mill. “It’s inspiring to see this group of people come together to serve our residents, keep the community operating, and ultimately carry out our organization’s mission.”

This spirit of readiness came as no surprise to Crane’s Mill residents and their family members, who can rest easy knowing the staff is ready to face challenges big and small, and go the extra mile to help in all conditions.

“I hope you will thank the staff who worked long hours and even stayed overnight to make sure we residents were fed and safe. Probably some of them were safer here than trying to get home, but nevertheless it’s a sacrifice, especially for those who have families; and we appreciate their service to us. A warm THANK YOU!” ~ Jean M., Crane’s Mill Resident