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Crane’s Mill Rehabilitative Care ‘In The News’

We were so excited when we read this week’s edition of The Progress, one of our fine local newspapers, and found a letter to the editor from Caldwell resident Mr. Bill Farrar. In the letter, Mr. Farrar thanks the staff at the Crane’s Mill Health Center for their care and support—a truly wonderful review for the rehabilitation services at Crane’s Mill.

Mr. Farrar, like many in our area, was faced with a decision about where to do his needed rehabilitative care and chose Crane’s Mill. The staff in our Health Center is truly outstanding, and more and more people from outside of the Crane’s Mill campus are coming to Crane’s Mill when a rehab stint is necessary.

This story really emphasizes a huge advantage of living at Crane’s Mill: there is an on-site Health Center, so in case anything should happen, you can do your rehabilitative care right on campus and still be connected to the family and friends you love. Plus, you’re only steps away from your home, and can enjoy all of the fine amenities you’re used to while getting the care you need.

You can read the story by clicking here or by picking up a copy of The Progress if you’re in the Caldwell area.