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Crane’s Mill Neighbor of the Week – Mallory Loehr

Say Hello to our Crane’s Mill Neighbor of the Week

Crane’s Mill Resident Board President Mallory Loehr is all about Kindness and Community

Mallory Loehr is our Crane’s Mill Resident Board President. An active and engaged member of the community, Mallory recently rolled out the community’s “Kindness Campaign,” which encourages the exchange of kind words both in-person and on the community’s Be Kind Bulletin Board.

Mallory hails from Virginia but has lived around the world (Mexico, Libya, India, and Thailand) with her husband, Larrie, who was a diplomat with the US Foreign Service. When they returned to the US, they lived in Syracuse, NY where they both received graduate degrees. Later, they lived and worked in Raleigh, NC and Charlottesville, VA where Mallory taught language arts and social studies to sixth and seventh graders. In 2015 they moved into Crane’s Mill which is not far from their grandchildren. Larrie passed away in 2020, but Mallory continues to enjoy life and all it has to offer at Crane’s Mill. She loves to sew and knit as well as travel. She tries her best to learn something new every day.

Hi Mallory! ☺