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Crane’s Mill Neighbor of the Week – Kelly Berkemeyer

Say hello to our Crane’s Mill Neighbor of the Week!

Kelly Berkemeyer Wellness Director

Kelly Berkemeyer Wellness Director

The wellness director is key to our independent living residents’ wellbeing.

This week’s neighbor is Kelly Berkemeyer, Wellness Director at Crane’s Mill.

“My name is Kelly Berkemeyer, and it comes with great pleasure to introduce myself as the new Wellness Director in the Wellness Center here at Crane’s Mill. I have been with Crane’s Mill since 2019, mainly in the skilled nursing unit. I have been a nurse since 2010, studying in Morris County. Prior to obtaining my nursing license, I worked as a professional Emergency Medical Technician for close to seven years; responding to life threatening emergencies within the community as well as nursing facilities. My passion has always been in healthcare and I bring with me a rich background in clinical experience. Past roles have entailed working within hospice, visiting nurse/home care, as well as sub-acute rehabilitation. I hold a degree in Health Science and I am currently working towards another degree in Healthcare Administration.

“Although life has been very different the past year, I am hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel. As more and more individuals receive the COVID vaccine we get one step closer to the way things used to be. Despite the changes, my office in the Wellness Center is still open; I also enjoy going to our residents home/apartment for any emergent care needed as well. Whether relaying your health information to your physician, providing first aid following a minor injury, or stopping in to have your blood pressure taken; I am always available to assist.”