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Crane’s Mill Neighbor of the Week – Barbara “Bobbie” Silverstein

Say Hello to our Crane’s Mill Neighbor of the Week

Bobbie made her way across the country, from Los Angeles, to Clifton, the Hamptons, Florida, Fort Lee, and Crane’s Mill in West Caldwell!

Barbara “Bobbie” Silverstein grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA with a major in International Relations. Her late husband, an ophthalmologist, brought her east where he was attending medical school.
She has two sons and one daughter, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. One son is an ophthalmologist who took over his father’s practice which was in their home in Clifton, NJ. Bobbie managed her husband’s practice. Another son is an attorney and her daughter, who lives in Manhattan, is a film writer and director.
After retirement the Silversteins left Clifton, and spent summers in their home in the Hamptons and winters in Florida.
Bobbie loved playing tennis and is an avid bridge player hoping to find a regular bridge game here at Crane’s Mill with other experienced players. Bobbie enjoyed volunteering as an ESL teacher at the public library.
Bobbie poses with flowers as bright as her personality!

Bobbie poses with flowers as bright as her personality!

Thanks to Phyllis Novick for this write-up that originally appeared in the Millstream newsletter.