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At Long Last … Spring is Here!

After one doozy of a winter, let’s take a moment to welcome spring with open arms.

Ahh spring. Finally. We’ve eagerly counted down the days to this season of renewal, rebirth, and rejuvenation. The temperatures will begin to warm, the days will grow longer, and the beauty of many different colors will appear all around us. It’s truly an inspirational time of year.

During an especially long, cold, snowy, icy winter season, the promise of spring can sometimes seem so distant. Yes once again, like clockwork (or, calendar-work?), spring has graciously arrived once again!

So let’s enjoy this first day of spring, and look forward to the months ahead—to evening strolls with the sun still up, to barbecues with our family and friends, and to morning cups of tea sipped to the soundtrack of a friendly robin’s song.