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Visit the Crane’s Mill YouTube Channel for All Sorts of Fun Videos!

Have you visited the Crane’s Mill YouTube Channel yet?

Where’s the one place you can see the sights and sounds of our campus, hear our residents’ take on life at Crane’s Mill, take a virtual apartment tour, watch our television commercials, and more? The Crane’s Mill YouTube Channel, that’s where!

Simply click this link to visit the page, and you’ll be one a click away from viewing any video you wish. You can see when we rolled out a very special sports car for a little fun, had a backyard barbecue at one of our cottages, and a look at happy hour at the Cherry Blossom Lounge!

After you’ve viewed, be sure to click here to send us an email to let us know your favorite video, and any ideas of what you’d like to see next—we look forward to hearing from you!