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More Ways to Stay Fit This Winter: Daily Exercise Classes at Crane’s Mill

The entrance to Towne Square captured during a recent snowfall. Click the image to get a closer look.

Crane’s Mill Residents Enjoy Professional Exercise Classes Six Days a Week

In Northern New Jersey, we have seen our fair share of tough winter seasons. Whether we’re faced with big snowfalls and icy sidewalks or blustery below-freezing temperatures, Jack Frost can really put a wrench in our daily lives.

At Crane’s Mill, residents are lucky to have a number of ways to stay fit, active and healthy regardless of the weather. In addition to the community’s wonderful fitness center and indoor pool, residents have access to morning exercise classes geared specifically for seniors.

Classes take place six days per week in Towne Square, which is connected to every single apartment, so residents need not go outside to participate. Just some of the offerings include Yoga, Water Aerobics, Stretch & Flex, Water Walking and Tai Chi. Expert instructors lead the classes and ensure that each resident enjoys a great workout while staying safe and comfortable regardless of their fitness level.

Best of all, these classes are 100% included for every resident.

Stay tuned, as we will feature more about Crane’s Mill residents and how they keep in good health all year round.