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It’s September 1st … Still Plenty of Sunshine Ahead!

“Try to remember the kind of September; When life was slow and oh, so mellow.”
The Fantasticks, Tom Jones (music by Harvey Schmidt)

Ahh the days of being in school, followed by the days of having kids in school, it always seemed the academic calendar dictated the seasons regardless of what the solstice or equinox may have to say about things.

Years later, it turns out mother nature wins out over madame principal. So it’s September 1st, and it matters not that the school bell will soon be ringing, for as long as there’s sunshine and warm weather, it’s summer to us.

After dinner cocktails on the back patio.

After dinner cocktails on the back patio.

The indoor pool here at Crane’s Mill is a welcome oasis after a game of bocce or a walk along the trails; a stop at the pond reveals the birds who stayed the summer enjoying their habitat before the fall migrants come back for a visit; and the sun stays up late enough to enjoy a post-dinner sunset.

Not that autumn is any punishment—it’s a fantastic time of year, and if you read this blog we always embrace it with open arms, eyes, ears, and noses, ready to take in the colors, smells, and cool breezes this vibrant seasons brings. But for now, that can wait, as we continue to take as many trips to the beaches, pools, and lakes that the season will bear.