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Have You Had Enough of the Snow This Winter?

Did you know? The Weather Channel now names its winter storms. This season, we’ve had Hercules, Maximus, and Nika. At Crane’s Mill Retirement Community, we’ve been naming winter storms for years. We call them “NO BIG DEAL.”

Transportation Service is fully included at Crane's Mill.

Like most of us, this author will remember Winter 2013-2014 as a snowy, icy, and freezing cold season. Of course, we’re not actually through the season yet—the first day of Spring doesn’t blossom until March 20th—and judging by what we’ve experienced so far, Old Man Winter may have more tricks up his sleeve before this next 30+ days are up.

Residents of Crane’s Mill Retirement Community, located in West Caldwell, NJ, have a much different story to tell. Their memories of this Winter are free of shoveling, ice scraping, skidding out, missing doctors appoints, or sitting around waiting for their walk to be cleared.

On the contrary, Crane’s Mill residents enjoy every day to its fullest thanks to living in an all-inclusive retirement community where snow removal isn’t an extra charge, it’s an automatic. For instance, if a Crane’s Mill resident has a car on campus, they can give a copy of their key to our maintenance staff. After the snow piles our, our team shifts into high gear, cleans off the car, cleans out the parking space, and puts the clean car back into the clean parking space—what a service!

Our indoor pool is a short, indoor walk from every apartment.

Missing doctors appointments can be a big concern this time of year. At Crane’s Mill, we tackle that worry in two ways: One, we have a transportation service that takes each of our residents to 4 doctors appointments each month. So, if a resident doesn’t drive, or doesn’t want to drive in the snow, our team provides door-to-door service.

Or, if you don’t want to trek out in the cold at all, our Wellness Office boasts a physician, physicians’ assistants, an RN, and a number of outside specialists who regularly visit the office. Imagine this scenario: you need to have blood drawn on a snowy morning. Rather than get in your car (on an empty stomach), scrape the ice, remove the snow, shovel, and risk icy sidewalks along the way, you can take a short, indoor walk from your apartment to our Wellness Office, have your blood drawn, and stop at the cafe on your way home for a breakfast with friends. The latter option sounds like a breeze!

Grocery shopping at the Corner Market, right inside Towne Square

Plus, we have so much more right on campus. All of the following are accessible from your apartment without even having to step outside: Beauty Salon/Barber Shop, The Corner Market grocery store, indoor pool and hot tub, fitness center, exercise classes, live entertainment, lounges, puzzles, card games and more!

Do you want to learn more about what it’s like to live at Crane’s Mill? Call us at 973-276-3001 or click here send us an email to schedule a no obligation tour of the community. We’ll show you around, answer your questions, and you can take the first step towards making this winter the last you’ll ever have to deal with the ice and snow.