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Flexible Meal Plan: How it Works and Why Crane’s Mill Residents Love it!

Visitors to Crane’s Mill are often surprised to learn about the dining options offered at our retirement community. Many retirement communities offer a “one meal per day” plan. Crane’s Mill realizes the need for true independence, and includes for all residents a flexible meal plan. Here’s how it works:

A part of each resident’s monthly maintenance fee goes into a flexible meal plan account. The account is replenished on a quarterly basis. It’s not a separate check or additional charge, it’s included for all residents. The amount that goes into the account is enough so that every resident can enjoy a restaurant-style dinner in The Candleberry Dining Room every single night for the entire quarter, with some money in the account left over.

The great thing about the flexible meal plan account is that a resident can spend their funds as they chose. For instance, a resident may choose to come to The Heartwood Cafe for dinner, and purchase a reasonably priced soup and sandwich using their flexible meal dollars. Since that meal costs less than dinner at The Candleberry, the resident then has extra money in their account to use as they wish. They can food shop at The Corner Market, or perhaps treat themselves to breakfast the next morning.

More great news? The selections available at The Candleberry are also available a la carte at The Heartwood Cafe. So, you can get the same great entrees available in the formal dining room in a more casual setting.

Our residents love the meal plan for all the reasons above, and more. One popular reason? The Corner Market. Residents can food shop right on site. No need to brave the elements (although, transportation is included), residents can walk right down the hall from their apartment and pick up grocery items such as milk, bread, soup, pasta, cereal and more. Plus, during hours between meals, residents can pick up pre-made sandwiches and other delicious treats.

The flexible meal plan is one more way that Crane’s Mill adds to a person’s independence. Please call us at 973-276-3001 to schedule a tour or click here to send us an email for more information.