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Do You Remember New Jersey’s Drive-in Movie Theaters?

Residents from All Over the Northern New Jersey Area Have Fond Memories of Drive-In Theaters

At Crane’s Mill, we have residents from many different areas. Of course, being in Northern New Jersey, we have a large number of people from Essex, Bergen, Passaic and Morris counties. Many of our residents who have New Jersey roots will certainly remember the state’s fabulous drive-in movie theaters.

A while back, (the website for the Star-Ledger newspaper) featured a piece on one of the nation’s largest drive-in movie theaters, located just a few miles away in Newark, NJ. It’s a wonderful read, and this author is eager to head out to Towne Square to hear our residents reminisce about these once prevalent open-air picture houses.

Stay tuned–we’ll be back with more on what we hear from our residents!