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Check out the Crane’s Mill YouTube Channel

Have you watched the Crane’s Mill videos and commercials?

We have a selection of fun, informative videos on the Crane’s Mill YouTube Channel.

Visit the Crane's Mill YouTube Channel for a fun collection of videos featuring our actual residents and staff!

Visit the link above to see all sorts of great footage from our community. We are so proud to say that all of our videos include actual Crane’s Mill residents, staff members, and views of our actual community and grounds. No actors, just the happy, fulfilled residents of Northern New Jersey’s Premier Retirement Community.

In fact, in our latest round of filming, over 150 residents and staff members participated to make the shoots such a success!

Our videos include a tour of our campus, information on our health center, details on our sub-acute rehab care, scenes from our pool, gym, dining room, happy our, and so much more!

So, visit the Crane’s Mill YouTube Channel today! Who knows, you may even recognize a friend or two!