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Back-to-Back Excitement for Patrons of the Arts at Crane’s Mill

Our February 2015 Millstream Activities Calendar is packed with fun! This month’s calendar includes a multitude of live stage shows, both on campus and off!

Many Crane’s Mill residents are patrons of the arts

If you’re a Crane’s Mill resident, and you’re a fan of the arts, including live theater and music, then you’re in luck. Each month, our Activities Director works hard to both bring live entertainment to Crane’s Mill, and plan off-campus trips to local performances.

Take today and tomorrow for example:

This afternoon, our residents will enjoy “In the Car with Blossom and Len” at the Centenary Stage in Hackettstown, NJ.

Tomorrow, two programs are on the agenda: first, a trip to the JCC to see the West Orange High School Jubilee Choir. Then, after a restaurant-style dinner in the Candleberry, residents can walk right across Towne Square to take in The Spirit of Jewish Musical Vaudeville in Hinman Hall.

Talk about variety, convenience, and entertainment! That’s just a small glimpse into what’s offered here at Crane’s Mill each month. To see for yourself, visit our Millstream page to check out all of the month’s activities, and be sure to check back as we are always updating our calendars!