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Towne Square Art Gallery Hosts Award-Winning Photographers

All month long, residents and visitors alike can enjoy award-winning photography in the Towne Square Gallery. Special thanks to Gallery Coordinator Mary Koether for providing the article below.

Just a small part of the Towne Square Gallery at Crane's Mill. This month's exhibit features over 50 beautiful photographs.

“Images Times 5” is the title of this month’s Towne Square Gallery exhibit. For the third year, photographer Charles Miller returns with friends bringing examples of different uses of photography. In addition to Terri Hood and Gene Flematti who came last year, Charles is joined by Carol Albers and Susan Mills.

Charles is an award-winning photographer and digital artist who exhibits throughout the state. He tries to find a new and unique beauty in a subject. It may be an extra-close look at a familiar object or an artistic manipulation of an image. He also does many floral and natural images.

Terri Hood’s interest is in fine art, still life and landscape photography. She has won several national and international competitions wiht her still life work.

Eugene Flematti is a retirement businessman who now concentrates on photography, his favorite pastime while he was working. His images include subjects from nature as well as objects of beauty.

Carol Albers is a fine art photographer from Morris County. For her, “art is about feeling and perspective in life. If I can translate the peaceful meditation that nature provides for me, to inspire peace in you, I have succeeded.”

Susan Mills finds her photographic inspirations in nature and architecture. She is fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow and works primarily in black and white so that she can explore these elements of composition.

-Mary Koether, Gallery Coordinator

The Towne Square Gallery is open every day from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please call the concierge at 973-276-6700 for more information.