Save Yourself the Aggravation: Plan Now, ‘Cause Your Parents Don’t Want To

Evening Seminar Series 2017: Part One

Join these three professionals for part one of our 2017 Evening Seminar Series, designed exclusively for those with aging parents.

Save Yourself the Aggravation: Plan Now, 'Cause Your Parents Don't Want To
Tuesday, October 10th
6:30 p.m. (light dinner will be served)
RSVP required: Call 973-276-3070 or click here to send an email.

Presented by:
Emily Lutz, Liberty Paperwork Solutions
Leigh Schaeffer, Caring Transitions
Ruth Rothbart-Mayer, Elder Care Coach

Sometimes we think we’re doing a good job organizing what needs to be done until hit with a complex problem and someone points that the plan is good but not for this person or this circumstance. Emily, Leigh, and Ruth are among a group of experts (lawyers, accountants, Medicare specialists, doctors) who help with planning for family members.

First is understanding what issues may be present and, if needed, projecting future needs, then designing a blueprint of care – that’ s what Ruth does.

Emily organizes the daily financial bills, helps gather documents, and deals with other professionals, etc.

Leigh launches the first of many discussions to determine whether living in the same place or moving is called for and then organizes the rest, culminating in a smooth transition.